We are a veteran-owned and operated small preservation kennel with 12+ years of experience with the cane corso breed. We have worked these dogs in a variety of settings from pushing cattle to winning the show ring so we pride ourselves on our hands-on, real-world knowledge of our beloved breed. We have been victims of "greeders" who’s bottom-line was the amount of money they could make and with little to no effort put into producing healthy, sane, and phenotypically correct productions. Our bottom-line is producing positive additions to the cane Corso breed. We want our dogs known for their versatility and original functionality with even temperaments and exceptionally healthy genetics to start with. We have taken the lessons learned and built a robust puppy package you will not commonly find including ear crop, kennel training, 24 month health guarantee, and so much more. We are conveniently located in Stilwell, OK. We offer affordable transportation and early reservations. Feel free to reach out to us @ (512)586-0262.